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    Standard functionality

    • Upper closing force: 12Tn
    • Loading table to facilitate loading by operator or robot
    • Part presence and height control of assemblies outside the tool fixture
    • Interchangeable tool fixtures within the same family
    • Eyebolts available for transport by crane
    • Tubes available at the bottom for transport with fork lift
    • Loading station protected with barrier
    • Rear door for maintenance tasks



    • One or two leak testers
    • Dot peen marking
    • Micro-percussion marking
    • Laser marking
    • Suction (for marking systems)
    • Data-matrix reading camera with quality evaluation
    • Remote service module.
    • Process data storage
    • Rejection ramp with photocell
    • Auxiliary closures
    • "Y" valve for two-circuit control with a leak tester
    •  Automatic master set with leak master
    • Vertical locking tool device

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