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    Our offer of standard leak testing machines, provides the perfect balance between price, customization and reuse.


    • Saving hours of design and programming.
    • Savings on materials by purchasing in bulk.
    • Savings in high-cost components, by competing with others on the market with the same features and a significantly lower price.
    • Standardised functionality based on good practices consolidated with our customers over the years.


    The fact that the product is standard does not mean that it does not suit the needs of our customers. The final machine is the result of putting together three types of assemblies:

    Standard assemblies: Those that are common to all machines of their kind:

    • Bed
    • Safety guards
    • Push-button panel
    • Electric panel etc.

    Optional assemblies: Those who depend on the application:

    • Dot peen marking
    • Micro-percussion marking
    • Laser marking etc.

    Special assemblies: Those that are specific to this project:

    • Device
    • Moulds, etc.


    It is quite common that a special machine ends up being scrapped after it has served its purpose, since adapting it is often practically not feasible. Our standard machines, however, are conceived with the idea that when the project has come to an end, the machine can be easily adapted to any new project. Finally, we have created two solutions to process parts according to their size:

    • Standard leak testing machine L: For parts up to 200x200x200 approx.
    • Standard leak testing machine XL: For parts from 200x200x200.

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