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Bin picking is a type of application where a robot, aided by a scanner, is able to pick up parts, which are randomly placed in a bin. This system is perfectly suited to direct feeding from crates or boxes with pieces. Advantages:

  • Flexibility: Small-batch production is possible because all it takes to change a product reference is a change of gripper and selecting another program.
  • Reuse: On completion of a project used for large batch manufacturing, the installation can readily be adapted to a new project.
  • Ergonomics: From an ergonomic point of view removing a heavy piece from the bottom of a crate is not a job for a person.
  • Space: The space taken up by equipped conveyors is freed up for other uses.
  • Autonomy: Significantly greater than that offered by a system with equipped conveyors.
  • Rigidity: This systems offers a reliable alternative to vibration systems for complex or different geometries.

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