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    Rotary transfer machine for pressure fitting of screws, with force and location control with a servo-press. The machine has four stations:

    • Loading station: Loading handling device consisting of palletized conveyor and unloading on index plate. This unit detects the angular pick-up position of the part and can reposition it to load it at an angle for correct fitting of the screws.
    • Press station: A servo-press presses each screw. The operation is interrupted when an incorrect screw is detected.
    • Loading station with screws: Part by part supply to fit screws in each hole of the part (5 in total). It is also provided with a screw length control, just in case some screws with different lengths are mixed up. If screws of a different length are detected, these are automatically discarded without operator intervention.
    • Unloading station: Unloading is done onto a belt for good parts and another one for rejected parts.

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